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Dashboard in a Day by ITVT:

The Power Boost for report builders and decision-makers!

What is Dashboard in a Day

This course is designed to accelerate your Power BI skills. In a single day, led by a certified Microsoft Partner, you’ll be able to have your dashboard in a day. In this full day interactive training, you will learn how to analyse your data in a rich and compelling way.

Are you evaluating its possibility to meet organizational requirements around data visualization and analysis?

Or do you want to learn how it can help you to make a greater impact on the work you and your colleagues do every day?

Then join our live online workshop with Power BI Dashboard In a Day.

The training is aimed at "Business Users" and does not require any special prior knowledge. However, basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is an advantage.

We conduct the free workshop virtually via Microsoft Teams.  On request, it can also be carried out at an ITVT location in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, USA or at your own companies location (cost might occur).

The number of participants can vary depending on your requirements. We recommend maximum 10 participants for on-site training-workshops.

The course and course materials are available in English or German. Instructors are available in Dutch, German and English. 

Contact us for more information or to discuss options for your company.

Click on one of the pictures to pre-register for a planned Dashboard in a day workshop or contact us for other dates locations, languages and custom options

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What you will learn 

  • What is Power BI and how does it work;
  • How to access, prepare and do basic transformations of data
  • How to a model and explore the data;
  • How to create rich, interactive reports and visualizations;
  • How to fully utilize the Power BI Online Service.

Course Description

Power BI is a business analytics service from Microsoft that gives you insights in your data. With the ability to monitor the health of your business using  Dashboards, create rich interactive reports and access your data on the go, from your mobile devices.

IT Vision Technology, in partnership with Microsoft, is pleased to offer this course covering the capabilities of Power BI. The goal of this informational session is to help you understand how to analyze your data in a rich and compelling way. Whether you are evaluating its ability to meet organizational requirements around data visualization and analysis or are looking to learn how Power BI can help you be more efficient and make a greater impact on the work you do every day, this is the training for you.

Examples of what you could build with Power BI

Course outline

In the first part of the morning session we first start with an introduction. You will learn about the history of Business Intelligence. How Power BI can benefit your work and the endless possibilities. After the coffee break we dive into the data access and preparation and talk you through it step by step. After the lunch break we’ll continue with our data modelling, how do you connect different tables together to build your dataset.

In the afternoon we focus on the visualisations, from the basics to the more advanced available in the app store. Now that we’re ready with the report the last session will be about publishing and sharing your report and dashboard in the online service. The time that is left is used for Q&A before we wrap up.

  • Module 00 | Class Introduction
  • Module 01 | Dashboard in a Day Introduction
  • Module 02 | Pre-Lab Pointers
  • Module 03 | Accessing Data
  • Module 04 | Data Preparation
  • Module 05 | Data Modeling and Exploration
  • Module 06 | Data Visualizations
  • Module 07 | Power BI Service Overview
  • Module 08 | Publishing a Report
  • Module 09 | Course Wrap Up
This is a free class and no costs will be charged, however we only ask that you are committed to learn and fulfil the prerequisites.

This course assumes you have no prior knowledge of Power BI.

Commercial information
ITVT will contact you after the course with an special service-offering on how we could support your business and its reporting challenges. Should you prefer receive this offering before your participation, please let us know.

Approximately 7,5 hours

This course will be thought in English or German language

Via link below you will find the prerequisites for and when participating in ITVT Dashboard in a day 
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